Horeca store is here to solve the procurement needs of the Hospitality Industry.

We’re a B2B startup/company, building a one-stop omnichannel platform by leveraging e-commerce and SAAS.

We provide the broadest collection/selection of quality hotel supplies.

Stationary, housekeeping supplies, disposable containers. Anything. You name it, we got it.

Our goal is to make your procurement manager’s life easier and your business more profitable. For the same, we didn’t just automate the procurement process but also provide an end-to-end Solution of vendor management, inventory management, distribution management, logistics management, and product sourcing.

We also offer customized rates to our regular customers based on their requirements and other factors.

At HORECA STORE, we’re dedicated to delivering on your evolving hospitality needs. As a national company with unparalleled reach and resources, we are your trusted product source.


To become the ultimate inventory store for the HORECA industry, providing only the best products that fulfill the need of the customer.


Our mission is to make procurement of supplies easier and business more profitable



Worked closely in the Hospitality industry with prestigious brands such as Oberois. Closely observed the market-leading trends and practices. An industry that completely dwells on service and quality which is intangible to the end consumer. The only thing that one can experience and stands out in bold in front of the customer is the physical evidence. The food may promise taste and quality but the unstandardized equipment, utensils, and environment setup also decide the customer experience. A simple but sturdy plate with a hygienic spoon goes a long way in setting the customer experience to delight. There is a large industry with non-regulated purchases. Unstructured inventory management and varied quality have been a hurdle to quality control.

With the mission to organize the HORECA industry purchase process. For the founder and CEO of HORECA Store Mr. Harsh Vardhan Jain, it becomes the most important responsibility to make and deliver the promise seen together for the industry which is not new to the market. With HORECA Store, we bring quality products with the standard delivery process. At HORECA Store, it becomes easier to manage a business’s inventory and order just in time to manage the business’s liquidity. Given idols of purchase liberty, HORECA Store proudly claims to be first in the market with innovation. HORECA Store is an initiative to move the entire industry towards a better experience and leave them to the best they are at; food and customer experience.

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